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I wouldn’t be where I am today without help from a lot of smart, experienced, and generous people. So I’m paying it forward as best I can online with free advice here and on my blog.

Want Funding? Think like an Investor.
Ten Tips for Your Business Plan and Presentation

Your Two-Step Market Assessment
A good market assessment, whether for a product launch or a totally new business, is much more than a financial projection or competitive product feature/price comparison.

Top Five Strategy Blind Spots
We all have them…And “objects in the mirror may be closer than they can appear” Competitors, economic change, etc.

Start-Up Sanity Check
Twelve of the questions I ask when meeting with would be entrepreneurs.

The One Hour Business Plan
This isn’t something you can show an investor or a bank, but it will help you focus. The time and space limit forces you to really get to the guts of your idea.

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Rick Beichler CView Sass Module Testimonial

Mary impressed me and my partners from our very first meeting and continues to do so today. Her common-sense business mindset has kept our company on track to meet our goals, with all of it delivered in a witty, personable manner. She is tactful, honest, and calls it the way she sees it. Metaphorically speaking, Mary has not only plugged the leaks in our corporate ship but is now our new rudder, steering us into the waters that we have been wanting to cruise towards for such a long time!/em>

Rich Beichler
CView VSaaS modules

Al Hahn Executive Director Association of Support Professionals Testimonial

Mary has been a customer and also done some consulting for me. She is ideally suited to be a marketing troubleshooter. There is almost no marketing issue that she does not know how to handle. Many may make that claim, but few can make it stick. Mary is the real deal. She is both broad and deep in marketing and business. She is also savvy and creative, a great but rare combination. It would be wise to heed her recommendations as she is smarter than almost everyone.

Al Hahn
Executive Director, Association of Support Professionals