When’s the Last Time You Closed a Deal in an Elevator?

…or even talked to anyone? Mostly we all stare forward, working hard to avoid eye contact. Maybe we do one of the closed mouth Buddha half-smiles as people enter but that’s pretty much it. Of course, “elevator pitch” is shorthand for encapsulating your key selling points into a few words of sheer, unforgettable brilliance. Here’s … Read more

So, You’ve Got Data! Do Customers Agree?

“The short road to ruin is to emulate the methods of your adversary.” – Winston Churchill. Benchmarking.  Best Practices. “Competitive Intelligence” (often an oxymoron anyway) I love data. I’m an old market researcher so I can spend literally days crunching away and analyzing. But, data is — well — just a starting point. It’ll tell … Read more

Remember Permission Marketing?

From the Timeless Wisdom File Seth Godin wrote a terrific book, way back in 2008…and you can still read his blog post. Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them…Real permission is different from presumed or legalistic permission. Just because … Read more