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What Am I (Are You) Missing?

Mary Schmidt

May 08, 2012

objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

I’m renovating my services and marketing (yes, again).  A process that is incredibly difficult to do when it’s your own stuff.  What’s immediately obvious to someone else sometimes takes a brain-bending epiphany when you’re thinking/rethinking your own biz. (I had one the other day, on a power walk, NOT staring into a computer…)

So, I’m asking people - colleagues and clients - to give me input.  Getting a lot of excellent advice.  One client noted, “One thing you do better than anybody I’ve ever known is ‘find the holes.” You tell me what I’m missing.”

Ironic, isn’t it? I can do it for someone else.  Can’t always do (at least not easily) for myself.  That’s why they’re called blind spots.  We literally can’t see them.

What are you missing? Do you know what you don’t know?  Ask someone.  Ask several someones.

The further from your reality you can get, the better.  If it makes your brain hurt, you may be on to something.

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Peri Pakroo says:

I had the best conversation about my own business direction last week with my clients/friends who are professional photographers. I love how they consider themselves so “green” on the business end of things—yet they had great feedback and insight for me on my own strengths as a coach and what types of services they value most.

Goes to show that valuable info and feedback is all around you, you just gotta open yourself up to it. If you carry an “I know it all” attitude, drop it!

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