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Mary Schmidt

Feb 10, 2012

Like you, I get a lot of pleas from non-profits.  And, the “donate” button is prominent on many of their web sites.  Now, I’ve got no problem with donating;  I do to several organizations on a regular basis (but, please, no more free tote bags, t-shirts, or stuffed animals.)
However, while it makes people feel good to help others (google and you’ll quickly find the back-up research…or just ask yourself) - we really like to feel we belong.  We’re hardwired to gravitate toward groups. (We also like to feel we’re unique, which makes for some interesting herd thinking…but more about that some other post.)

Join a village buttonSo, kudos to Global Hope Network International for inviting us to JOIN a village

Four dimes100 people can join for 40 cents a day ($12/month).  That’s four dimes. (I probably have six months of support in my spare change jar right now…)

...oh wait, make that 99.  I’m the first. 

Won’t you join me? (We also have the opportunity to visit the village in May).  You’ll be helping people who are often forgotten in some of the poorest parts of the world.  With your 4 dimes (actually, it’s 39.5 cents a day, but what’s 1/2 cent among friends?)  GHNI can help villages become self-sustaining, solving the root causes of the problems (such as lack of access to clean water, illiteracy, .etc.)

Still thinking about it?  You can’t even buy a bottle of water for 40 cents. 

Still here?  GHNI won’t send you any free tote bags, really. 

I’ll be making the official big announcement on Monday at other blogs.  Now’s your chance to join up and feel good for a whole lot longer than a day.

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