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Biz Lessons From The 2016 Election

Mary Schmidt

Nov 17, 2016

No, these are decidedly “not normal” times and this was not a “politics as usual” election. However, some basic, unchanging truths about biz planning and marketing strategies were well illustrated. Rather you’re an entrepreneur or in an established company, keep the following in mind:

1. Assume all your assumptions are wrong. Then do another scenario, and another.

2. Things that look great on paper go awry in the real world (People aren’t line items on spreadsheets and they will use your product or service in ways you never dreamed.);

3. Communications is often, at best, an illusion. What you say is not necessarily what is heard (or believed.);

4. F2F interaction always beats virtual for closing the deal. (Feel free to disagree. However, how many BIG deals have you closed without real, 3D, look ‘em in the eyeballs interaction?)

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