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“Can you hear me now?  Hello?  Hello?” 

Mary Schmidt

Oct 26, 2005

According to a report from In-stat:

Fully 9.4 percent of the 193 million wireless subscribers today have made it their primary phone, In-Stat said. That percentage is expected to increase from 23 percent to 37 percent in 2009, when the number of wireless subscriber in the United States is expected to reach 240 million

I’m one of the millions whose wireless is now also my only home number.  Which seemed like a good idea.  Recently, however, reception in my house has gone from bad to worse

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“Just what do you do, Mary?”

Mary Schmidt

Oct 21, 2005

As a self-employed “hired gun” I do a lot of collaboration, which means “Mary Schmidt” frequently pops up next to different company and group names in articles, announcements, and proposals - sometimes all at once.  In one case, I may be the designated “strategic planner”  In another, the “web expert” (ha).  In yet another, I’m listed as “the marketing guru” (eek) And so on.  This understandably confuses some people.  “Who are you working for these days, Mary?” they ask with a concerned look

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“Proximity Mktg” or Why do dentists flock together?

Mary Schmidt

Oct 19, 2005

Stay with me here - I’m doing the “wander all over the place to make a point at the end” thing.  In going in for my monthly root canal renovation check-up (don’t ask)  I wonder why the heck dentists always flock together - after all, they’re competing and it seems like we have enough in Albuquerque for all 675,000 of us to get personal attention to each individual tooth.  Also, why do wonderful television shows fail while ho-hum run-of-the-mill stuff like “Yes, Dear” (1)  seems to be on

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Adventures in Entrepreneurship discussion

Mary Schmidt

Oct 18, 2005

From the OPEN site - starting tonight in Miami: 

OPEN Adventures in Entrepreneurship is an offline/online investigation into the challenges and solutions confronting entrepreneurs as they strive to develop and grow their businesses. The event begins in Miami, with a discussion led by Sir Richard Branson and sponsored by OPEN, intended to emphasize the importance of innovation and inspiration as key ingredients in successful Entrepreneurship.

The event will then continue online for three

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Customers - service versus processing

Mary Schmidt

Oct 13, 2005

It’s bill paying time again (why does this seem to happen every week?) which gets me to thinking about the differences between customer service and customer processing.  On my city water bill, they explicitly state “do not include any correspondence.”  Nah, wouldn’t want to make it easy for a customer to communicate regarding a dispute or suggestion, now would we?  And, don’t we all love those emails thanking us for our online order or payment and telling us to not reply, our email won’t be

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Want, Need, Will Pay for - Marketing & Emotion

Mary Schmidt

Oct 12, 2005

Go read Bruce Deboer’s excellent post on his blog - Marketing and Emotion...and then the logic kicks in…“Here hold this puppy, then I’ll tell you the logical reasons to own a dog.”

Hey, you had me at “hold the puppy.”  All goes to if we want something, we’ll find a way to rationalize it. 

Even highly logical seemingly cold people get emotional if you hit the right points of passion - just trash Star Trek to a “cold” engineer sometime and see…which reminds me of how Dr. Spock could always

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Flim-Flam - Snake Oil - Buzz Marketing

Mary Schmidt

Oct 07, 2005

“Buzz” is one of the hot marketer topics these days.  How do you get people talking about you (and saying the right things?)  Is “paid buzzing” a good idea or even ethical?  I can’t say it any better than super-sharp marketer Holly Buchanan - so check out her blog post Is Buzz Marketing Illegal?  (Yes, she’s talking about the ethics of buzzing in the context of marketing to women…but her points apply to men as well.  These days, how much credence does anybody give to a paid spokesperson?)

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Investment: $500.00 (Why do I call it an investment? Two reasons: 1. If you’re willing to pay, that tells me you’re serious. 2. When you pay for advice, you’re more likely to value and use it.)

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