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Another “wish I’d thought of that”

Mary Schmidt

Nov 22, 2005

Yes, it’s possible to never have a bad hair day again (at least if you’re California)...We’ve got mobile windshield repair, dog groomers…why not hair dressers?  Via Iconoculture: On-site hair cuts.

Hmmm…so what could you bring to your customers that would:  a. make their lives easier; b. create/increase their loyalty to you?  (And, how can you do it at a profit? That’s the devil in the details.)

(Personally, I’d like plumbers and home repair people that had hours after five - and told you

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Mary Schmidt,  the NAWBO poster child for blogging.

Mary Schmidt

Nov 17, 2005

Yesterday, I held a Web Pro teleseminar with my collaborator, Roxanne Darling of Bare Feet Studios.  We were talking to several of my fellow NAWBO-NNM members (National Association of Women Business Owners) about all things Web - Web 2.0, how to get better results with search engines, Google’s mysterious ways, and (natch) blogging.  We who are already out here in the blogosphere forget than some folks are so busy in real life they’re still catching up on what blogging is and its potential (or

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Another “wish I’d thought of that.”

Mary Schmidt

Nov 08, 2005

Via Iconoculture”  Temporary tattoos with emergency contact info give parents low-tech peace of mind”  Hmmm…so, what’s not to like?  Well, they might not be cool enough for the kids.  Even toddlers have very specific ideas about such.  They may still be mostly pre-verbal, but they know “NO” very well.  Or, the company doesn’t get the word out to enough people (But, Iconoculture is certainly helping.)

Another one of those low-tech (no-tech) moneymakers - right up there with the ubiquitous

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It’s true, I’m an Alien! 

Mary Schmidt

Nov 04, 2005

It’s Friday, my synapses are fried and - well - I thought this was a fun photo with which to kick off the weekend edition of Mary’s Blog.  

But seriously folks,  it’s okay to have some fun here and there, even (especially) in business.  Particularly if you want to stand out from the crowd.  It’s better to go for one big “OUCH” and quick rejection versus prolonged tap dancing with potential employers or clients.  They’re eventually going to meet your “inner alien” anyway, so get it right out

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You can’t make people like you (or talk about you.)

Mary Schmidt

Nov 02, 2005

There’s a lot of buzz amongst marketers about - well - buzz/WOM (Word of Mouth), and how to measure it.  And, some companies are even selling marketing programs to artificially create buzz.  Maybe I’m getting cranky in my middle years,  but I just don’t think “fake buzz” will ever work (at least not for long).  And, it shouldn’t - customers deserve (and appreciate) real value, not marketing speak.  Marketing hoo-ha is hoo-ha, no matter how it’s packaged. 

As John Moore at Brand Autopsy

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So they hate you, so what?

Mary Schmidt

Oct 29, 2005

Seth Godin reports the NYT hates the new “Odd Couple” with Nathan Lane & Matthew Broderick.  Which brings us to the “so what” factor.  The show has booked $21M in advance tickets due to, in Seth’s opinion, which I share: 1.  Am Ex’s special offer to Gold Card members; 2. Lane and Broderick’s reputation (their brand.)  So, if the show is terrible, will this impact Lane & Broderick’s brand?  Maybe. Maybe Not.  Here’s why I think Maybe Not:

1.  When I lived in Philly, one of my great weekend

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“Can you hear me now?  Hello?  Hello?” 

Mary Schmidt

Oct 26, 2005

According to a report from In-stat:

Fully 9.4 percent of the 193 million wireless subscribers today have made it their primary phone, In-Stat said. That percentage is expected to increase from 23 percent to 37 percent in 2009, when the number of wireless subscriber in the United States is expected to reach 240 million

I’m one of the millions whose wireless is now also my only home number.  Which seemed like a good idea.  Recently, however, reception in my house has gone from bad to worse

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