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Mindful Monday: “Be cheerful, live your life”

Mary Schmidt

Apr 25, 2016

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Yes, it’s Monday again.  But, c’mon. It’s only a day out of a week…part of an artificial time construct we humans have crafted. It could just as easily be called Friday…(Do you feel better already?) And, there wasn’t even such a thing as “weekends” until the late 19th/early part of the 20th century.  (Thank you, labor unions! More at Where the Five-Day Workweek Came From.

And so we come to that image. Here’s why I so love history (and

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Mindful Monday: Sometimes I’m Not Okay and Neither Are You.

Mary Schmidt

Apr 04, 2016

“I’m not against having a nice day. I’m not against happiness.”— Barbara Ehrenreich at TEDxZaragoza (video here).  Ms. Ehrenreich conceived of her book, Smile or Die, How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the World, when “she became ill with breast cancer, and found herself surrounded by pink ribbons and bunny rabbits and platitudes. She balked at the way her anger and sadness about having the disease were seen as unhealthy and dangerous by health professionals and other sufferers.”


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Mindful Monday: The Busy Myth

Mary Schmidt

Mar 07, 2016

“I know how busy you are!”  “The first opening I have for lunch is three months from now!” “I just can’t fit that into my schedule!”  “Gosh, you’re so lucky! You have time to meditate!”

Sound familiar? Said any of these yourself? 

From Busting the Myth of Busy:

We’re surrounded by people who have bought the idea that busy equal good, and often we feel threatened by those doing it differently. A friend who consciously downsized her life to work part-time, live in the country and spend more

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“Mind Full” Monday?

Mary Schmidt

Feb 22, 2016

mindfull monday

As we all start another week—I suspect many of us have a mind FULL of concerns, tasks, and general “stuff.”  Which clutters up the mental landscape to the point we can’t see the important things (in this case, in the view of the dog, trees, skies and the sun.)

Of course, we all have to do some things that are neither easy nor fun. It’s not all “omming” and peaceful breathing. Today, I’m headed out to help with my mom’s 6-month review so she can continue to “live independently.” She hates

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Mindful Monday: You Have To Breathe Anyway

Mary Schmidt

Feb 15, 2016

Don DraperHere’s how I boil it down. No “om’ing,” workshops, gurus or complex woo-woo stuff required. If you practice mindfulness, you do less stupid crap.  Looking back, I could’ve avoided a lot of my dumbest decisions if I’d taken the time to breathe and focus. Maybe not do (or say) anything. In most situations, we do have time. And, you’re breathing anyway, right? 

From Forbes, Future of Work as a Leadership Practice

...As defined by Dr. Kabat-Zinn, mindfulness is “paying attention in a

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Mindful Monday: The Value of Sandpaper

Mary Schmidt

Feb 08, 2016

sand dunes
“Suffering is the sandpaper of our life. It does its work of shaping us. Suffering is part of our training program for becoming wise.”
—Ram Dass

Even if you’re not into “all that woo-woo stuff” this should make sense. Very little in life comes easily. Murphy’s law pretty much rules in every endeavor. The trick is learning how to take the wrong and make the right choice, learn the right lessons.

And, people don’t just walk up to your door and shower you with money
...unless your last name is

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Why Entrepreneurs (Everyone) Should Read Poetry

Mary Schmidt

Feb 01, 2016

PoetryIt’s another Mindful Monday.  And is my habit, I began the day with Coffee Zen Time. This typically involves sitting quietly, watching the sun come up over the mountains and reading some poetry. Granted, I’m a bit prejudiced since: A. I love to read—pretty much anything and everything, from classics to comics; B. Poetry has power. It opens my mind and soul to new perspectives and opportunities.

Even (especially?) bankers should read poetry. (Although I wouidn’t recommend submitting haiku on a

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