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Got Five Minutes?

Mary Schmidt

Dec 21, 2012

do good do well signDay 5 of Do Good, Do Well Week

This week, I’ve been posting ideas on how to help worthy causes.  None of which take much time or even effort. Ask your party guests to make a donation instead of bringing a hostess gift.  Shop local. Shop at your local thrift (You shop anyway.)  Ask nonprofits to NOT give you that free gift.

So, here we are at my last idea for the week. Which is…do what I’ve been doing all week.

If you are active online, you can spread the word very easily.  Got an idea? Want

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Buy Local (Online Too)

Mary Schmidt

Dec 20, 2012

buy localDay 4 of Do Good, Do Well Week

Regular readers know I’m a huge fan of buying local…and, as past president of the Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance, I should be, right? So, sure I’m a bit prejudiced, but…

It’s more fun to buy local.  Also, more dollars stay in your community. And, if you have a problem, you can look the biz owner in the eye (or reach them on the phone, without going through 18 layers of assistants.)

We’re very lucky here in the quirky burque to have many artisans,

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Gift the Thrift!

Mary Schmidt

Dec 19, 2012

Day Three of Do Good, Do Well Week

salvation army thrift store signYou’re shopping anyway, right?  And, if you’re like me, not just any gift will do. You want special, unique, memorable!  Unfortunately, way too much holiday shopping is about mass consumption of mass produced goods..and gifts are soon forgotten (even while you’re likely still paying for them…)  So, do something different this year (and for any gift occasion.)

I enjoy visiting Pottery Barn and Anthropologie (both are just down the street from my house.) The

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Do You Really Need Another “Free” Tote Bag?

Mary Schmidt

Dec 18, 2012

panda tote bagDay Two of Do Good Do Well Week.

Or a water bottle? Or labels? Or cards? Probably not. And yet, non-profits are always offering “free” gifts if we contribute.

(There’s also a guilt factor. I feel badly when I dump yet another envelope full of cards into the recycling bin…but does that get me to donate?  No, it just makes me feel badly, for about five seconds. So, great -  the group has guilted me. Not a good way to close any kind of deal, but that’s a post for another day.)

So, here we

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Do Good, Do Well Week

Mary Schmidt

Dec 17, 2012

giftIt’s that time of year again. When “nothing gets done” in biz…and our mailboxes are filled with year-end pleas. (However, as the ED of a local food bank notes, people are hungry all year long…keep that in mind as you plan your giving.)

So, since “nothing” is really happening in business, I’m posting a whole week of Do Good, Do Well ideas. 

Today’s idea: Donations as host gifts.

Last week I had a holiday open house/brunch.  And, as much as I love getting bottles of wine and little

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There’s a Kettle Near You!

Mary Schmidt

Nov 30, 2012

Here we are at another Do Good Do Well Friday.  This week, I didn’t buy anything I didn’t need (food and vodka don’t count…)  However, I want to keep in the habit of giving =  even a little - every week.  So, this week I’ve been dropping dollars into every Salvation Army kettle I pass in my travels around town. 

JC Penney Roundup donationAnd here’s another idea from the SA web site.

So, make a bell ringer (and yourself) smile.  Drop your change (or more) in the next kettle you see. 

Past Friday posts:
Did You

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Did You Spend $15 This Week?

Mary Schmidt

Nov 16, 2012

On something you didn’t need? That you could easily live without? That you’d never miss if you didn’t have it? 

I did.   I bought some lovely organic, hand-made soap from the woman who makes it. I also bought a small piece of folk art (okay, it was a fridge magnet of Our Lady of Guadalupe in a flaming metal heart, but - still - folk art, sold by a local artist.)

meals on wheelsThis week - as I’m doing every Friday - I’m making a donation for the same amount to a worthy cause.  This week I chose Meals on

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