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Do Good: Do First Things First.

Mary Schmidt

Feb 05, 2016

Homeless signHere in Albuquerque, some really don’t like going downtown because of the homeless problem. “Somebody should do something!” And, yes, we have the problem, as does pretty much every city in the United States. (It’s also not limited to downtown; we have street people in my neighborhood. Some spend the day at the library, reading The New Yorker and The New York Times.) However, those scary, mumbling, often malodorous people are people. (And, hey, I mumble to myself all the time.)

Last year,

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Do Good: Don’t Scream Back.

Mary Schmidt

Jan 29, 2016

And here we come to another Friday and my ponderings re Do Good Do Well.

“Be kind to unkind people. They need it most of all.” Yes. This can be difficult. But it’s good for everyone, you (and me) included. 

“Do gooders” often get overwhelmed. Every day there’s a new tragedy in the world. Millions of refugees. Billions without clean water. War. Strife. Environmental catastrophe. The Doomsday clock is now three minutes from midnight.

Are you totally depressed yet? Ready to head under the bed

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Eek! Feminine Hygiene!

Mary Schmidt

Jan 22, 2016

frightened man This is pretty much the look I get from men (and some women) when I talk about my pro bono passion, Women To Be (feminine hygiene kits for Nepal refugee camps). Just the other morning, when I was doing the “need pitch” to a group, the men were (for the most part) freaking out. They weren’t screaming out loud, but I saw the “EEK!” thought bubbles. 

But here’s the thing—MANY things make us uncomfortable. Some even frighten us. If we’re going to solve problems, we have to get uncomfortable

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“I Don’t Know What Else To Do!”

Mary Schmidt

Jan 15, 2016

what goes around comes aroundRecently—on a cold, rainy night—as I was leaving Trader Joe’s, I was approached by a young man. He very carefully stayed about seven feet away from me and asked for my help. The story was he had stood up for a neighbor when a policeman was harassing her and was put in jail. He’d just gotten out after over 60 days and had lost his job and apartment. He had been “out “here all day, didn’t know what else to do!” and would appreciate anything so he could provide shelter for his family for the

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Doing Good Better

Mary Schmidt

Jan 08, 2016

My weekly Friday Do Good. Do Well post.

I’m currently reading Doing Good Better, How Effective Altruism Can Help You Make A Difference, by William MacAskill, the co-founder of The Effective Altruism Movement

I picked it up at the library when the word “effective” caught my eye. That’s the trick isn’t it? I’ve watched volunteers almost literally crawl over each other looking for something, anything to do at a fundraiser; seen nonprofit staffs do redundant tasks (that yield few, if any

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People Will Kick You In The Teeth

Mary Schmidt

Dec 18, 2015

Another Friday. Another Do Good. Do Well post.

One of the paradoxical commandments is: Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you have anyway.   

I sometimes have to grit my teeth when trying to do this (particularly since people sometimes mistake kindness for weakness), but it’s still worth doing. And, I highly recommend practicing #streetlovingkindness.  I was actually doing this before Sharon Salzberg started the hashtag, inspired by

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Friday’s Food for Thought (and Doing)

Mary Schmidt

Dec 11, 2015

This time of year we’re flooded with appeals. All from worthy causes. It can be so overwhelming (and even depressing). Where to start? Can we really do anything to help make a real difference? And, we’re surrounded by people telling us how absolutely terrible everything is! It’s hopeless! There’s NOTHING WE CAN DO! Oh. Please. Newsflash—the world has always been a big, horrible mess full of scary, awful things. It’s also full of wonderful people and miraculous things. We can choose in live in

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