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Archives: July 2007

People Should Like LOVE Talking About You!

Mary Schmidt

Jul 03, 2007

Heart I’m finally getting around to reading Beyond Buzz: The Next Generation of Word-of-Mouth Marketing by Lois Kelly (from my teetering stack of “must reads”) One of the first points she makes is that people should like talking about your company.  Now, now, before you go “duh-oh!” - think. What companies do you like

love talking about?  Apple or Dell?  Target or Wal-Mart? Burger King or In-n-Out Burger? Your local Mom-n-Pop Vietnamese joint or TGI Friday’s? 

My “I heart” list is almost all

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Celebrate Your Independents!

Mary Schmidt

Jul 03, 2007

Shooting Star“Why shop local? I can get it cheaper at Wal-Mart!” The AMIBA (American Independent Business Alliance) designates July 1-7 each year as National Independents Week.

When in the course of human events, it becomes appropriate for communities to assert their independence, to denounce uniformity and celebrate their uniqueness, a respect for freedom and human creativity requires independent businesses and peoples to declare those elements which make them unique.

So, consider this:

1.  Based on

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The All-Knowing, All-Seeing “I”

Mary Schmidt

Jul 02, 2007

All-seeing eyeThe feedback on marketing tactics and materials (from marketers and non-marketers alike) is way too often all about the great all-seeing, all-knowing “I.”  “I like…” “I don’t like…” “I can’t…”  “I would…”

Sorry, bunkie, but you’re not who we’re talking to here… Personally, my favorite ice cream flavor is good ol’ vanilla, but I know there are some people who love rum raisin (shudder) and even (gag) bubble gum.

Then there’s the worry you’ll upset someone. The bigger worry should be people

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Start-Up Sanity Check for B2B Tech Ventures

Got a great idea? Are people telling you it’s crazy? Good! You’ve got to be a little insane to take that start-up leap – rather it’s out of your garage, the lab or a day job. I'll help you decide where and when to leap (and what to do when you land).

Investment: $500.00 (Why do I call it an investment? Two reasons: 1. If you’re willing to pay, that tells me you’re serious. 2. When you pay for advice, you’re more likely to value and use it.)

Drop me a line and we’ll see if we’re a good fit. If I can't help you, I’ll tell you (and if possible, tell you who can.)

Got funding? I work with one to three start-ups a year, on retainer (minimum of three months, maximum one year).

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Social Media Isn't Free, Easy or Magic.

If one of the self-anointed experts contacts you, pitching magical thinking, ask:

1. What results can I expect if I work with you? (Note: Twitter followers aren't necessarily customers.)

2. What kind of time will I have to invest? (Social media, properly done, is all about personal relationships. You with your customers...and a good relationship takes time.)

3. How do I integrate social media tools with my current operations? (Your salespeople need to know what you're saying on Facebook. Your customer service process and policies should be consistent across the board, from phone to Twitter.)

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