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Archives: October 2005

Customers - service versus processing

Mary Schmidt

Oct 13, 2005

It’s bill paying time again (why does this seem to happen every week?) which gets me to thinking about the differences between customer service and customer processing.  On my city water bill, they explicitly state “do not include any correspondence.”  Nah, wouldn’t want to make it easy for a customer to communicate regarding a dispute or suggestion, now would we?  And, don’t we all love those emails thanking us for our online order or payment and telling us to not reply, our email won’t be

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Want, Need, Will Pay for - Marketing & Emotion

Mary Schmidt

Oct 12, 2005

Go read Bruce Deboer’s excellent post on his blog - Marketing and Emotion...and then the logic kicks in…“Here hold this puppy, then I’ll tell you the logical reasons to own a dog.”

Hey, you had me at “hold the puppy.”  All goes to if we want something, we’ll find a way to rationalize it. 

Even highly logical seemingly cold people get emotional if you hit the right points of passion - just trash Star Trek to a “cold” engineer sometime and see…which reminds me of how Dr. Spock could always

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Leadership or Lip Service?

Mary Schmidt

Oct 12, 2005

“Management by Walking Around.”  “Open Door policy.”  “360 Evaluation”  All in and of themselves are good ideas and something like what should be practiced by anyone in a leadership/management (there is a difference between leadership and management) position - from the CEO to the graveyard shift supervisor at Burger King.  Now, with email,  it’s the “Open Inbox.”(WSJ Online).  From the article,

“In a survey for The Wall Street Journal conducted last month by the Business Roundtable, a


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