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Is The Internet Dead?

Mary Schmidt

Nov 19, 2014

All My friends are deadFrom Fall of the Banner Ad: The Monster That Swallowed the Web (NYT)

Twenty years ago last month, a team of well-meaning designers, coders and magazine publishers inadvertently unleashed on an unsuspecting world one of the most misguided and destructive technologies of the Internet age: the web banner ad.

Banner ads are cheap. There’s a reason. People hate them and they’re (by all reports) ineffective. So why do companies (including—ahem—the New York Times) still have them? Because other

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Are You Dealing With “Needflation?”

Mary Schmidt

Nov 18, 2014

In biz or life (and you really can’t separate the two, after all)—we all do it.  We transform our wants into “needs.” Or, we use need as a way to avoid dealing with hard decisions and daunting realities.

For example, in my first meeting with an entrepreneur seeking funding, I ask, “How much money do you really need to get going?”  Almost always we can get from “want” to the real “need.” We can then have a much better discussion about how to meet that need. What starts out as a “How do I get a

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Coffee Shop Marketing or F2F (Almost) Always Works.

Mary Schmidt

Nov 12, 2014

old women in coffee shop
...or F2F always beats “optics.”

(As many wonder what the heck are “optics” anyway? Exactly. That’s all those photo opps when the poobahs sweep through a coffee shop, or burger stand, or pizza joint for a few minutes, shake a few hands and move on. Maybe hug an old lady. Kiss a baby. Seldom do they actually spend time there, on a regular basis.) 

Here in NM, GOP Corngressman Steve Pearce was re-elected with a record number of votes. However, reportedly he was nervous going into the

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All Business is Personal.

Mary Schmidt

Nov 11, 2014

Regular readers know one of my pet peeves is “It’s not personal. It’s business.” Usually said (with a sneer) right before the knives go in…

I was reminded of this recently in what should have been a mundane meeting about (what I thought was) basic operational process.  *Yawn* Oh. wait. Voices started to rise. People stopped listening. Sighing. Huffing. The general level of angst in the room rose about two levels. Everyone had valid points…but…

So, what happened? Two things. People were

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Everything You Do IS Marketing: Cross-Training

Mary Schmidt

Nov 05, 2014

Lovely, high-gloss (expensive) brochures. Happy smiling faces on your web site. A rockin’ Facebook page.  Professional (expensive) advertising. Great signs. Terrific product packaging.

That’s all “marketing?” Right? Well, yes…but…

All of that can be a complete waste if the customer’s actual experience is disappointing.  Here’s a real-world, no-tech F2F experience I had just this week.

I do my best to buy local whenever possible—for everything from auto service to make-up and clothing.

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Pivot! Dump Trucks to Dance Hall

Mary Schmidt

Oct 22, 2014

Pivot—What all entrepreneurs should be able to do when their original idea doesn’t work.

I just returned from Las Cruces, where my client, The Loan Fund, had a celebratory lunch for their 25th anniversary at The Beverly Hills Hall. So? What’s interesting about that?  An event hall—lots of those around. Then I met Victor Perez, the owner (and TLF client).  Talking about his family, he said “We’ve got entrepreneurship in our blood.”  He told me how his grandparents started the biz back in the

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What Everyone Knows About Good Ol’ Email (or not)

Mary Schmidt

Oct 16, 2014

fireFrom Email Etiquette, Business 2 Community

Is email really the right communication method? Just because it’s the easiest doesn’t always mean it’s the best. Any major problem or issue is best resolved either face to face, or on the phone. If the person sits next to you or down the hall, get out of your chair and go talk to them. If you need to have the discussion captured in writing, send a follow-up note.

And haven’t we all sent flamers? In fact, back in my corporate days, there was

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