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Advertise with Google! It’s Simple! It’s Cheap! It’s Easy! (Not)

Mary Schmidt

Oct 09, 2014

...Well, it can be cheap, but it ain’t easy…

Recently, I once again heard “You only pay for what you get!” and “You can cancel any time!” and “You can adjust the ads as you go!”  Which is all well and good, but Google ads, like any other form of advertising, is both an art and a science.

And depending on what you pay and the ad text, you may never actually show up, at least not on the first page of search. It’s like the old-style ads—you pay for placement. 

As for the art and science….Two

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Want To Be a Better Marketer? Write.

Mary Schmidt

Oct 07, 2014

As Ann Handley (MarketingProfs poobah and author of “Everybody Writes”) says, if you become a better writer, you become a better marketer. After all, marketing is truly (and only, when all is said, done, shouted, tweeted and texted) about effective communications. (Sorry, texting and tweeting isn’t writing. That said, it’s far more difficult to write short than long, as Mark Twain so famously noted. Which explains why there are so many terrible, boring tweets and texts. Try writing Haiku

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Five Things “Everyone Knows” About Online Marketing (or not)

Mary Schmidt

Oct 06, 2014

(I’ve been working on a couple of projects that necessitates me visiting web sites—from small Mom & Pops to mega-corporations. *Sigh* How long have “we” been doing web sites now? And, yet, I’m always pleasantly surprised when I visit one that works.)

1. Make it as easy as possible for the customer to find information. And by information, I don’t mean go buy corporate marketing speak by the pound. What interests the customer? Why are they (you fervently hope) coming to your site? Cross link.

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“I’m going to tell you things you already know.”

Mary Schmidt

Sep 30, 2014

Liam Neeson just becauseI recenty attended a conference where one of the speakers (alas, not Liam Neeson) began by saying the above. How refreshing!  And, how true. When it comes to marketing, there really isn’t any earth-shattering news. Sure, we’ve got all kinds of technology these days and can reach out to people in about eleventy-billion ways…and they can (and do) ignore us in about twelve billion ways.  (More about Mr. Neeson at the end of this post.)

Of course, we humans are always looking for the ONE answer.

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“It’s Hard To Be Human!”

Mary Schmidt

Sep 04, 2014

...said a friend at lunch the other day, with a laugh.  And, sure that sounds funny, but…

One of my biggest pet peeves is “It’s nothing personal. It’s business.”  In reality, EVERYTHING we do in business is, in fact, personal…because we are all—yup—humans.  And humans make decisions based on emotion, then find the logic to support the decisions. That goes for everything from buying shoes to hiring an employee.

You are, in fact, always marketing to a “consumer.”  The business buyer is using

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I’m the World’s Worst “Consultant.”

Mary Schmidt

May 20, 2014

No. Really, I will tell you all the reasons to not hire me.  (And I loathe the word “consultant.” Always have. But…)  For example:

At your stage in development, you’re better served by spending the money on actual sales efforts, improving your product, traveling to meet with customers, etc. (Customer meetings and biz networking are two of the best “marketing” tactics. Of course, you need to do some upfront qualification and set goals for yourself.).  I’ve refunded retainers before—rent comes

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The BIG Marketing Secret!!!

Mary Schmidt

Apr 30, 2014

Cranky Mary The Internet. Web 2.0. Social Media. The Cloud. BIG DATA! (“Will Big Data Replace Marketing?” “Will Social Media Kill Phone Support?” And so on and so forth.)

What do all these have in common? They’re the buzz of the day/year/moment that many consultants used/use to pitch their services. Certainly, there are changes in technology…and we’re living in a global, interconnected economy these days (whether we like or not.)

However, here’s the BIG secret. It’s all buzz. The basics don’t change.

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Start-Up Sanity Check for B2B Tech Ventures

Got a great idea? Are people telling you it’s crazy? Good! You’ve got to be a little insane to take that start-up leap – rather it’s out of your garage, the lab or a day job. I'll help you decide where and when to leap (and what to do when you land).

Investment: $500.00 (Why do I call it an investment? Two reasons: 1. If you’re willing to pay, that tells me you’re serious. 2. When you pay for advice, you’re more likely to value and use it.)

Drop me a line and we’ll see if we’re a good fit. If I can't help you, I’ll tell you (and if possible, tell you who can.)

Got funding? I work with one to three start-ups a year, on retainer (minimum of three months, maximum one year).

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3. How do I integrate social media tools with my current operations? (Your salespeople need to know what you're saying on Facebook. Your customer service process and policies should be consistent across the board, from phone to Twitter.)

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